Vision & Mission

VISION - To uplift the Social & Financial status of its members by inculcating Saving Habits & building a self-reliant rural & urban society assured of food security, safe drinking water, good health, gender equity, low child mortality, literacy, high moral values and clean environment.

MISSION - Explore and enhance the quality of life of Member through financial security by providing products and services in co-operative movement bt ways of high quality standards, member centric, service driven catering to the future of India.

Money Tree Credit Co-Operative Society provides a Variety of financial services for every dream & secured investment with good returns.

The Organisation has mutual status, which means that we are owned by and run for the benefit of our members. Co-opernative Socitie's/Communities Economic Sustainability Societies /communities have a strong, sustainable economic life when money and resources are retained within the Socity. Cooperatives help increase a community's resources because they are often locally owned and controlled. Jobs, profits, and resources stay in the community longer because the cooperative members who control the cooperative are community members.

Standing strong with more than a decades of experience and expertise, looking after the interests of the members we intend to deliver great value to our members as a modern society for many years to come. When these money/products/services are re-circulated within the community, everyone benefits. Cooperatives help keep money in the community.