When you become a member of Money Tree Credit Co-operative Society, you are allotted one share of Rs. 1000 only. Share fee of share amount,Admission fee Rs 50/-. More details about terms and conditions, By-Law . Our society functions like a well oiled machine and we understand each other so well that we have spontaneously started treating our members as part of "Money Tree Credit Co-operative Society".

Because of the avowed objective of this initiative when we committed our selves to ensure welfare of our membership through financial support we are improving the standards of life and rendering all possible technology driven financial services under one roof.

Who Can be a member of the Society ?

Any person who has attained the age of 18 years, is capable of entering a valid contract, member of Hindu Undivided Family Business, a company registered under Companies Act, a Partnership Firm, a Limited Liability Partnership firm, any Trust, Institutions, residents of Karnataka can become a member of the society.

How can one Join the Society ?

It is very easy you have to just deposit a sum of Rs. 1150/-(one share amount of Rs 1000/- + share application of Rs 100/-+50 Rs application fee and fill up a membership form which is available at all society member or from our Business Correspondent. You can apply for more than one share which will be allotted to you as per the Discretion of the society.

What are the Advantages Of Money Tree Credit Co-Operative Society ?


* Society pay one percent higher rate of interest to depositors of following categories:- persons (50 years & above),Ladies, physically challenged persons, Retired personnel, Members of Armed forces, Retired Defiance personnel, Employees of State & Central Government, All Employees of Finance Sector, Employees of any Insurance companies or Co-operative establishment Local bodies& Trust.

* The society uses the funds in lending to the members & investments as per the societies act/rules/bye laws leading is in form of small loans for business & micro finance.

Objectives of Society ?

* To generate & create sense of co-operation among the members of the society and to make self dependent by saving from the income.
* To create the spirit of help to other members through a sense of co-operating to each other.
* The multidisciplinary program will enabled more participating families in area development Programs, to come out of poverty through family-based enterprises.
* To work as piggy bank for the saving amount of members of co-operative society.
* For the achievement of its objectives to collect capital/money through share money/through loan on interest/ through security amount.
* To work for the social, moral & economic upliftment of its members..


1) Medical Benefit Scheme
2) Accidential Death Benefits.
3) Natural Death Benefits.
4) Social & Recreational Activities.
5) Funeral Grant.
6) Share or Profit (Dividend Share).
7) Bus, Flight Ticketing Services.
8) Hotel & Resort Booking at Consetional Rates.
9) Door-To-Door Banking Services.
10) Life Insurance / General Insurance Renewal Premium Collection.
11) Agriculture Input-(Subsidesed Rates, Flexible Terms) Fertiliser Seeds, Pesticides, Adriculture Equipments & ETC
12) Special & Consetional Rate of Intrest on all types of Loans & Deposits.
13) Many More Essential Services.

How one can become a member (shareholder) ?

One has to apply on a prescribed application form available from society office and submit the same along with required document to the society office in which member ship requests is made. After scrutiny of the request, application is informed about the outcome or the status of the applicant.

Why should one become a member (shareholder) ?

Any Benefit or credit facility in a co-operative society is given only to Share holder of that co-operative Society. Hence its necessary to become a share holder to avail the benefit of society, like credit facility, death benefit, health benefit and profit in share( share dividend) etc.

Who can become a member (share holder) ?

An individual who resides in the area of operation of society limits.( Area of operation permitted to Money Tree Credit Co-Operative Society by GOVERNMENT Of KARNATAKA, REGISTER OF CO-OPERATIVE SOCITY . Is entire state of Karnataka). Including Raichur and Bidar Districts.

Who regulates the co-operatives ?

Administratively co-operatives societies are regulated by Register of co-operative societies and financial disciplines are exercised by R.B.I.

How the recovery of dues in co-operative is affected ?

Recovery of dues from defaulters is affected through Arbitration unlike the schedules/nationalized Banks through civil suits.

Weather one can have facility of issuing of pay order/ drafts / RTGS transfer to any place in India ?

Yes. Money Tree has made arrangements with other Banks through which Pay order / drafts / RTGS transfer can be affected throughout India.

What is the difference between Co-operative Society and a schedule / Nationalised Bank ?

o-operative Societies is promoted by the share holders. For their benefits and is governed by them exclusively. Whereas other banks are promoted by Government or Corporate Sector(s) for benefit of Public at large.